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Change Jobs for the Right Reason:

It may be true that "the days of working for one company your entire career are over", but, job hopping can harm your career if you are not cautious. To move from one company to another just for sport can be a foolish move. Your current position has value and you should maximize that value before considering a change. Ask yourself a few questions.

  1. Why do I want to change jobs?
  2. Have I learned all I can in this position and
  3. Have I contributed all I can to this company? If you answer yes to both questions, you can leave on good terms and the door will be open to a return in the future.
  4. Are there issues that override this advice? No growth potential, irresolvable personality conflict with supervisor or others that I have no control over?
    • Few companies actually "have it out" for any individual employees. If you feel you are being overlooked or are mistreated, these situations can often be resolved through effective communication.
    • You can address your concerns with your supervisor or another management person in a calm conversation. You can make the case for the promotion you want or changes you would like to see made during this discussion. Prepare your notes carefully, make an appointment and try to make your suggestions in terms of benefit to your employer.
  5. Some issues are beyond anyone's control.
    • Can't stand the commute any longer? Must relocate for family considerations? Sometimes nobody has any control over the situation and a new employment opportunity is the only answer
  6. When you have exhausted all the solutions and conclude that you want to explore other employment opportunities CALL HOLDEN ASSOCIATES.
  7. We will brainstorm with you to identify the next logical step in your career, select the target companies and present you to them in a confidential manner.

Your resume is never sent and your name is never divulged without your knowledge and consent. PERIOD. Give us a call at 978.422.8080.

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